Alkaloid AD, as a socially responsible company, regards the environmental protection as a long-term and continuous commitment. The environmental protection and management systems have been a part of the Integrated Quality Management System and the Good Manufacturing Practice policies.

Continuous monitoring, control and upgrading of the technological processes, increase in energy efficiency, energy saving and utilization of sustainable energy sources are part of the measures taken to reduce emission of CO2 and greenhouse gases – all aimed at achieving the ultimate goal – reduction of the harmful effects on nature and humans.

Pursuant to the regulations issued by the Macedonian Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, Alkaloid AD Skopje continues to implement the undertaken commitments pertaining to the granted licenses: A-licenses for conformity with operational plans for PC Pharmaceuticals production site Avtokomanda and PC Pharmaceuticals and PC Chemistry at Gjorche Petrov production site.

For the purpose of improving the treatment of wastewater, the purification plant within the Semi-synthetic cephalosporin production facility at “Gjorche Petrov” site has been reconstructed. There are ongoing activities for developing systems for purification of wastewaters coming from the other production processes at the same site. All these activities are conceptually related in order to meet and maintain the proscribed parameters for release of wastewater in the outdoor sewage system.

Particular attention is given to saving energy (electrical energy, natural gas, fossil fuels) by improving energy efficiency of the facilities. To this end, in 2014-2015 we took a loan in the amount of EUR 200,000 from EBRD WeBSEFF II Program, for retrofitting Facility A, Pharmaceuticals Production.

For the completion of the new facility ‘Centre for Quality Control’, an investment worth over EUR 5 mil., we utilized a part of the EBRD WeBSEFF II Program loan in the amount of EUR 500,000 for energy efficiency and utilization of renewable energy resources at this facility.

The positive trend of decrease in energy consumption is presented in the charts bellow. The consumption of water, natural gas and oil has been decreased, whereas the electrical energy consumption has been optimized.

Generally, the energy consumption has been decreased in absolute amount per unit product.